Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wacom tablet Problems. Jagged, woobly lines. Solved from

Hello. I had an issue with my new Wacom Intuos pro tablet. Unfortunetly I install the driver from the cd what I get with the tablet. After that I get jagged, wobbly lines in photoshop. I install it on my laptop, and on my desctop pc. My desctop is 32 bit windows 7 and my laptop is 64 bit windows 7. I uninstall the driver and reinstall it from the support the last driver from there. That driver was the 637-6 exe driver but the same thing happens. In the meantime I search for this problem on the forums and nothing happens. A lot of problems appeared with two monitors and the problem resolving was that wacom says that you must psihicaly change the left monitor with the right monitor and that seemed resolves the issue. The problem was that I had only one monitor and I couldn't find an answer until I saw this video from youtube: Here says a guy that he wrote to and they had a solution.

The solution you can find it here:

You must read all and make all the things what they write there and to be very perceptive to that the oldest driver to install for the wacom intuos pro tablet and not only for the pro tablets.

The tablet driver call:  pro 636-3exe and this is the right driver.

What I do next that I disabled the windows pen and touch thing from windows from windows service. you can find a reference to how to do it on the next link from youtube:

The guy had a wacom tablet too and it was annoying the circle that appears all the time when you tip the pen and also may accoure some problems with the wacom driver. It is recomended that it is safer to disable it.

Hope this thing helped some peoples because it helped me too and I am very happy that I can use my tablet.

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